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Sponsoring T3DD

If you want to sponsor, please contact us at t3dd10(at)typo3.org.

Advantages for your company

  • You position yourself within a unique surrounding - be a part of it!
  • You profit of the exclusive image of an innovative event.
  • You can demonstrate the leading position of your corporation and present your interesting projects to all attendees and developers.
  • You can use T3DD10 as platform for networking in order to intensify your relationships to the developers.

There are various possibilities to get integrated in the event, of course we will consider your individual ideas as well.

We are looking forward to welcome you as a partner or sponsor of the event!

The target group

At T3DD10 the "brains" of TYPO3 meet each other: core developer, extension developer and project managers. You will reach a unique collection of visionaries and trendsetters.

The participants of T3DD09 were

  • predominantly male
  • 20-35 years old
  • developers

The intimate atmosphere offers enough space for information exchange, networking and the possibility to discuss topics which are a trend today and mass market tomorrow.

Get in contact

If you are interested in sponsoring, simply contact t3dd10(at)typo3.org.

The T3DD event organizers

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