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Donating goods & services

If you cannot or do not want to donate money but still want to support the TYPO3 project you can always help out in many other ways!

  • You work with a magazine or television channel and can supply free advertising space?
    Yes, we are interested!
  • You work with a bakery and want to donate 1.000 Pretzels as a conference snack?
    Yes, we are interested!
  • Your company produces pencils and you want to give away 10.000 free TYPO3 pencils on the conference?
    Yes, we are interested!
  • You personally want to help out during the conference?
    Yes, we are interested!
  • You have another great idea which makes the conference better, nicer, easier?
    Yes, we are definetly interested!

Just write us an email to get in touch with us and let us know about your ideas!

The T3DD event organizers

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